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Aga Servicing Interval

Aga service beccles Bungay Lowestoft diss thetford Newmarket Cambridge holt north walsham

Aga Oil - 6 months

Aga service includeds strip down of burner, cleaned with replacement wicks. Check oil flow rates and oil depth. Visual inspection of oil tank. Check/replace oil filters. Flue and spillage test. Check thermostat and electrics. Check door seals. 

We do service oil converted Aga models.

Approximately 90 minutes. 

Aga Gas Service servicing Norfolk Suffolk Cambridgeshire

Aga Gas - Annually

Aga service includes full strip down and service of burner, including cleaning jets and replace thermocouple. Burner pressure and safety control check. Visual inspection of gas meter or LPG storage tank and tightness test. Flue and spillage test. Check door seals.

We do service gas converted Agas .

Approximately 75 minutes.

Aga 30amp Dereham, swaffam, holt, fakenham, beccles, Bungay, Lowestoft, bury st Edmunds

Aga 30amp Economy 7 - Annually

Aga components service clean with PCB controls check. Voltage, load and element resistance recorded. Clean and check internal/external fan and check door seals. 

Some owners are comfortable in only calling us when they feel something needs attention - maybe the temperature is low in an evening suggesting one of the heating elements has failed, or the heat-transfer fan can get noisy (or fail), meaning a replacment is needed.
We can check and clean the other components whilst we attend to whatever is needed.

Approximately 60 - 75 minutes.

New Generation

AGA Dual Control Norfolk Suffolk Essex Cambridgeshire Peterborough

13amp Electric, AGA Dual Control and AGA Total Control

These models have fewer moving parts and require a safety check every 30 months (2.5 years).

Service clean PCB and check controls. Voltage, load and element resistance recorded. Check Handset controls if applicable. Updated firmware if applicable. Clean and check oven vent fan. Check door seals.

Approximately 60 - 75 minutes.